Car Insurance Quotes Online

When purchasing a car insurance policy, be sure to look at all the factors the going into an insurance policy including price, coverage types, deductibles and more.

You can do all of this online or with an insurance agent over the phone. Some people prefer to get free quotes and purchase their insurance online, while others choose to use the free online quotes to get informed before they talk with an insurance agent. Do what you find most comfortable.

In this article, we will discuss why buying car insurance online is a better idea and which are the insurance providers that offer the best plans.

Tips When Buying Car Insurance Online

Complete Information About Your Vehicle

When shopping for a car insurance policy whether online or in person, you should have all the information about your car and regulations of your state.

Information such as the car’s make, model, vehicle identification number (VIN), driving record, and safety features of your will help you get the most accurate quote online.

Check Your State Insurance Department’s Website

Where there is money to be made, there is fraud. You will find various insurance providers when you search online. Each state has a department that oversees insurance in the respective state. Your state insurance department is the best place to find out whether the insurance companies you found online are legit and licensed.

Use Insurance Comparison Websites

Shopping online is easy, and that applies to car insurance too.

Websites like this one as well as, and nerd wallet can  help you easily compare the price and features of several insurance plans all in one place.

Do Some Research Other Than Online

Other than looking for insurance plans online, do some offline research. Ask your friend and family and get recommendations from them.

Ultimately you will need to get the best policy for yourself, but a little research from trusted friends can go a long way.

Best Car Insurance Companies Online

We put together a short list of reputable insurance companies for you to consider. They are:


Allstate is famous because of its exciting incentive and reward programs. Allstate has a DriveWise program that rewards the driver for driving safely and a MileWise pay-as-you-go program that allows you to prepay your premium.

They have a great user-friendly website and mobile app through which you manage your insurance plan and claims and connect with their agents just by a click. By using the app the company can analyze your speed and your driving performance.


Geico is a leading insurance company in the United States. Geico offers low prices and discounted rates especially for college students, for their car insurance converge plans.

Along with providing exclusive offers to students, Geico also provides insurance policies at discounted rates for college alumni, staff, and professors.

Geico app is equipped with the latest features to assist you along your journey with them. The app keeps track of your policy and they even assign you a personal assistant which will answer your questions related to the policy.


If you drive less than 12,000 miles each year Metromile is the best choice as an insurance provider for college students. Students usually do not travel long routes and their cars are mostly used for commuting between college and residence.

Metromile insurance policy charges you on how many miles you have driven. They charge a base cost with the addition of a per-mile fee, which means the less you drive your car the less you have to pay the insurance premium.

State Farm

State Farm is one of the largest private insurance companies in the United States. They offer some of the attractive auto insurance deals in the market. State Farm offers rewards and discounts for a safe driving record, good credit rating, and exclusive student discounts.