Cheap Car Insurance for Newly Weds

Getting married is an exciting time for a couple for many reasons. It’s also the best time to think about getting insurance. Read on to find out why

In this article, we will guide newlyweds couples to get the best deal for their car insurance coverage.

Factors That Determine The Cost Of Your Car Insurance

There are many factors that go into deciding the cost of a car insurance policy as a newly married couple.

Here are some main factors to look for:

  • Marital Status: Insurance premium for married people cost less because married people mostly drive safe.
  • Car Type: Car model and brand play an important role in determining the cost of insurance premiums. The safer the car is the less the insurance cost is typically.
  • Credit History: Credit history has a huge impact on your insurance plan. Good credit history might lower your insurance cost. So, when combining the insurance policies make sure both you and your spouse have a good credit history.
  • Driving History: If you or your spouse has a history of speeding tickets or other driving violations, your insurance cost might jump up.

Tips To Get The Best Car Insurance Deal

  • Combining a married couple’s insurance policies can save you some money as getting a combined single insurance policy with multiple drivers usually costs less than separate policies.
  • In case of bad driving record of one of the couples, keep the policies separate to save money because the one with the bad record will be charged more for their premium.
  • Car insurance rates can be very different depending on where you live.  In states where there are many local companies selling insurance, you may be able to get lower rates. You have to research more than one company to find the best deal when you do a comparative search.

Best Insurance Provider For Newly Weds


The Progressive insurance company has its operation all over 50 states. They charge zero initial cost and provide interesting payment plans.

Progressive looks for a driving record so if you are going for a multi-car combine policy make sure your spouse also has a good driving record.

Progressive offers liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, and collision coverage to protect you from any unfortunate incident. You can get a free car insurance quote online or through using their mobile app.


Allstate is a great insurance company if you are a newly married couple and looking to save some extra dollars because it offers exciting incentive and reward programs.


Geico is a leading insurance company in the United States. Geico offers low prices and discounted rates for their car insurance converge plans. Married couples can get up to 25 percent discount when they buy insurance policies for multiple cars.

Geico app is equipped with the latest features to assist you along your journey with them. The app keeps track of your policy and they even assign you a personal assistant which will answer your questions related to the policy.

State Farm

State Farm is the largest personal car insurance company in the United States. They provide all types of insurance for your personal car.

State Farm offers some attractive discounts and rewards programs for married couples for example discounts for having multiple cars and rewards for driving safe.


USAA provides one of the most affordable insurance policies for your car. USAA offers zero initial cost and provides flexible payment plans. They offer liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, and collision coverage to protect you from any unfortunate incident.

Additionally, USAA insurance company offers amazing prices if you or your spouse have served in the military.
You can get a free car insurance quote online or through using their mobile app.

Car Insurance Discounts For Married Couple

There are are few discounts you should keep your eye open to as a newly married couple. They are:

Marriage Discount

Insurance companies usually don’t openly offer this discount. A car owner who is married will pay less in car insurance premiums as compared to when he/she was not married.

Multiple Policy Discount

Many insurance providers offer amazing discounts for those who buy more than one policy like car insurance, home insurance, health insurance, etc. This is called an umbrella policy under which all your different policies gathered together.

Multiple Cars Discount

As a married couple, both you and your spouse can get a single insurance policy for both cars. This way you might get discounts up to 25 percent.

Safe Driving Discount

Some insurance companies incentivize and reward for driving safe. They offer discounts to drivers who avoid speeding tickets and accidents.

Marriage opens a new beautiful phase of a life that comes with the extra expenses with it. Having a great car insurance plan can help you save some extra dollars and enjoy your newly married life hassle-free.