How To Get Cheap Car Insurance After A DUI

If you’ve been caught drinking and driving, it’s probably impossible to find cheap auto insurance. Car insurance rates are typically higher than 75 percent after a driving under the influence (DUI).

While every car insurance company is likely to increase your rates after driving under the influence, some companies offer cheaper DUI car insurance compared to others.

In particular, you’ll want to look for companies that offer the slightest rate increase after a DUI, those with heavy discounts, and those that focus on providing high-risk drivers coverage.

In this article, we will share tips on how to get cheap and affordable insurance coverage for your vehicle even after being charged with DUI violations.

What is SR-22 And Who Needs it

If you have had a DUI, you will need and SR-22.

The SR-22 is a form issued with your state to demonstrate that you meet the minimum requirements for auto insurance in your state. Also, an SR-22 can be referred to as a financial responsibility certificate.

An SR-22 is a document provided by your insurance company that demonstrates that your car insurance policy provides you with liability coverage.

Who Needs SR-22?

Not every driver needs an SR-22. Laws vary by state, but drivers may need to have their insurance company file with the state department an SR-22 form under the following conditions:

  • Getting caught for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated and convicted.
  • An at-fault accident with no insurance
  • License suspension or revocation
  • Serious violation of traffic laws

How Much DUI Affects Your Insurance Premium

You’re almost certain of paying higher auto insurance prices after a DUI, but it’s not always easy to predict how much the increase is. Car insurance rates are dependent on many factors, including your driving history, which type of coverage you have, and which insurance company you choose.

On average, car insurance goes up to $1,104 per year for full coverage after a DUI, and $473 per year for the minimum coverage required. But what makes a big difference in those rates is where you live.

For example, in states like Nebraska, Oregon, and Louisiana the rates spike only less than 50% after DUI, whereas in states like Michigan and California rates can double after a DUI.

Tips For Buying A Cheap Auto Insurance After A DUI

Your car insurance company views you as a high-risk driver after a DUI. Your premium will almost certainly increase, and your insurance company might even decide to drop you. Here’s what you can do now.

  • Start your car insurance search quickly. The threat of canceling your policy means you should start getting auto insurance quotes right after your DUI. This gives you time for a comparison of the rates. A gap in insurance can also result in an increase in your rate.
  • Use comparison tools. Factors such as your place of residence, your age, and your credit score will affect your premium. Any online comparison tool for car insurance can help you compare your options.
  • Get multiple quotes. Companies vary greatly in how pricing policies are applied. The only way to find the cheapest rate is to get quotes from several competitors regarding car insurance.
  • Shop again three and five years later. Prices after a DUI tend to fall after 3 to 5 years, and at those points, other insurance companies could be cheaper than your current provider.

Cheapest Car Insurance Providers After DUI

State Farm

State Farm offers some of the lowest auto insurance rate increases among major insurance companies for drivers who have a DUI on their record, making them one of the best companies for cheaper DUI insurance.

The company is well-known for its extensive network of friendly agents, which is great if you have a specific question about DUIs and auto insurance. State Farm agents can probably provide highly customized answers to your questions.


The high cost of auto insurance after a DUI is to get a policy that offers effective discounts, like those that Progressive offers. For instance, drivers can opt into the Snapshot program of Progressive which tracks driving behavior. Those who show safe driving habits can be eligible for a discount. Drivers get a $25 discount just to sign up and another discount that averages $130 once the program is complete.

Progressive, along with the Snapshot program, offers several other discounts that are easy to get, meaning most drivers can save money. For example, you can get automatic discounts if you are a homeowner or you are paying upfront for the policy. These low-effort discounts make Progressive one of the best DUI auto insurance companies.

The General

Unlike other auto insurance companies, the General does not shy away from offering coverage to high-risk drivers, like those who have multiple DUIs on their driving records.

Some car insurance firms offer non-standard auto insurance skimping on basic features. That’s not the case with The General. In addition, The General offers favorable rates for high-risk drivers, making it one of the best DUI auto insurance options.

How Long Does a DUI Influence Insurance Rates?

After a DUI, you will in most cases have to endure higher car insurance rates for at least three to five years, and possibly longer. States vary in the length of time they require DUI offenses to remain on your driving record, and companies vary in how much and how long they charge for you being a high risk driver. In California, a DUI remains on your record for 10 years.