NJ CURE Insurance Reviews

CURE, AKA NJ CURE, was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey.

CURE stands for Citizens United Reciprocal Exchange. NJ CURE is an auto insurance company and operates in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. NJ CURE is not founded as a conventional insurance business instead it operates as a non-profit exchange.

Car Insurance Coverage From NJ CURE

NJ CURE Insurance provides a number of additional types of care insurance coverages that drivers can add to their plans in addition to the personal injury and property damage liability coverages required by law. NJ CURE insurance policy holders can upgrade their policy for an extra cost, by adding the following add-ons to their car insurance policy:


Collision coverage includes protects your car against the harm caused by a collision with another vehicle or property. This car insurance coverage is usually optional unless you’ve leased or financed the vehicle.


Comprehensive coverages damage or harm caused by fires, floods, hailstorms, vandalism, broken windshields, and auto theft. Typically, this is recommended only for new, high-end, or financed vehicles.

Personal injury protection (PIP)

PIP is intended to protect you from any unforeseen emergency. PIP covers yours and your passengers’ insurance cost for ambulance expenses in the event of an accident, regardless of who was the at-fault party.

NJ CURE will reduce PIP insurance premium by 25% if you choose your health insurance as your primary insurance for car accidents. In New Jersey and Pennsylvania PIP coverage is required by law.

Body injury liability

This auto insurance coverage provides for the injury, damages, and legal expenses in the event of an accident. Most states do have a legal obligation to have sufficient coverage in the event of an incident, to protect the assets.

NJ CURE compensation for bodily injury is $500,000, and property damage is $100,000.

Property damage liability

This coverage takes care of the damage to somebody’s property in an incident, caused by your car. In some states, it is mandatory to have property damage liability.

New car replacement

New car replacement pays to buy a vehicle with the same make, model, and year if you suffer a complete loss. Your car must be at least two years old or less to apply at the time of the accident.

Loan gap coverage

Under gap insurance coverage, the car insurance company will cover the accrued financial expenses other than the cost of the vehicle as interest on the loan, when the car is totaled or is stolen. It is a policy add-on to an existing plan.

Underinsured motorist (UIM)

When anyone injures you in an accident, this policy covers medical costs if the responsible at-fault party does not have enough liability insurance to cover the complete cost of the injury.

Uninsured motorist (UM)

This coverage includes the damages and injuries of an incident caused by someone who has no liability insurance or from a hit and run driver.

Medical payments

In the unfortunate cases of a severe or fatal accident, this coverage pays for medical and funeral costs up to the extent of your coverage. NJ CURE provides up to $10,000 directly to cover medical bills after a car accident or injury.

Transportation expenses

If your vehicle is damaged in an accident and is unable to start, your emergency transportation costs will be paid for by this coverage while your car is being repaired. This plan will pay between $15 to $900 in compensation depending on the plan taxi or rental car expenses.

Roadside assistance

NJ CURE provides its customer with 24/7 roadside. Each time an insured car suffers a mechanical failure, flat tire, or lockout, the insurer pays up to $125.

NJ CURE Discounts and Benefits

Besides affordable benefits, CURE provides drivers a range of discounts including:

Good driver discount

A 35 percent discount is granted to everyone who has been driving for at least three years and maintains a clean driving record. This discount extends to new regulations, ensuring that drivers on the program are accident-free and have had no major or minor breaches for at least three years prior to the implementation date.

If your driving record has been clean for five years and you have been a NJ CURE customer for at least two years, you may qualify for a discount of 40 percent.

Multivehicle collision discount

NJ CURE gives clients a discount if they insure multiple vehicles under one insurance policy instead of providing a separate policy for each insurance. They offer a 15% discount on collision coverage.

Parking discount

NJ CURE provides a 15 percent discount on off-street parking, meaning you’re parking on a driveway rather than in the street. They also offer up to a 50 percent discount if you park in a garage, a secured 24/7 building, or an area that needs a security code to enter or exit.

Pros and Cons


  • A good option for drivers with poor credit records or other factors leaving them ineligible for the conventional car insurance provider.
  • NJ CURE auto premiums may be cheaper and more affordable than at local insurance agencies.
  • NJ CURE focuses on driving history. They reward responsible drivers with clear driving records by offering them discounts.
  • You can file a claim any time online or on phone.


  • Available only in New Jersey and Pennsylvania


NJ CURE provides you with a car insurance policy at an affordable price if you have a clean driving record, never get into an accident, and can not get an acceptable rate from other insurers based on factors such as your credit score or your homeownership status.

You’ll need to be a resident of New Jersey or Pennsylvania to get access to their business, though.