Safe Driver Discounts

A safe driver discount is definitely the most common car insurance discount that insurance companies offer. Almost all insurance providers sell auto insurance policies at discounted rates for safe drivers. Safe drivers can save a couple of hundred dollars every year with this discount.

Although discounts for auto insurance can range from 15 to 30 percent, the criteria for determining driving behavior differs across insurance providers.

In this article, we will discuss in detail about safe driver discounts and who actually is eligible to get these discounts. Additionally, we will share some tips on how to always keep safe driver discounts and which insurance companies have the best deals for drivers who hold good driving records.

Who Earns a Safe Driver Discount?

Usually, a safe driver discount is received after five years with a clean driving record which means no injuries or traffic violations in these five years.

How To Keep Your Safe Driver Discount

Getting a traffic violation or getting involved in an accident will make you ineligible for the safe driver discount and your care insurance will increase in price.

For insurance companies, driving records are a significant risk factor. Drivers who break traffic laws and speed are considered to be a greater risk of an insurance claim being made. Keeping clean driving record will help get you a discount from a reputable insurance provider.

These are some tips to keep these discounts and continue to pay less for car insurance:

  • Follow the rules and regulations of the traffic and avoid breaking them.
  • Take a defensive driver course. It helps protect against at-fault accidents and makes you eligible for a decent discount.
  • Some insurance companies may provide special coverage called minor breaches and compensation for the incidents (AKA, accident forgiveness). Buying accident forgiveness can cover the minor surcharges of traffic violations and injuries at fault.

Tips To Find Safe Driver Discounts

  • To find out information about offers, visit the website of your car insurance company.
  • Check for a safe driver discount once you find the discount information.
  • Read the details, and determine whether you are qualified for a safe driver discount.
  • If information about safe driver incentives is not accessible on their website, contact them directly.

Best Discount Auto Insurance Plans For Safe Drivers

Below is a short list of potential auto insurance companies that provide safe driver discounts.


Allstate is a great insurance provider if you’ve got a clean driving record.

Allstate has many discount options for safe drivers but one program can get you all the benefits you want. Safe drivers can gain points for good driving habits and can redeem them for commercial goods such as designer products, gift cards, and more, by getting their package known as their “Allstate Rewards Program”.


GEICO is one of the bigger insurance companies, as you may know. Geico offers low premiums and discounted rates for good drivers.

GEICO gives an Accident-Free Safe Driver bonus if you’ve been 5 years free of injuries. This could amount to 26% in savings, according to their website.

They also give a discount on premiums for your insurance bills and personal injury protection. These coverages, which are required in some jurisdictions, cover medical expenses for you and your passengers after an accident. If you have never been ticketed for driving without a seatbelt, this discount is also valid. This discount will reduce your PIP medical coverage premium by 15%.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual only provides a discount through their RightTrack program. This type of policy is considered a part of usage-based insurance.

Safe drivers can save up to 30 percent using RightTrack with Liberty Mutual, depending on your driving habits.


Nationwide rewards drivers with a 10 percent safe driving bonus who have been accident-free for five years. It’s a little vague, however, what falls into the category of a significant violation.


Progressive operates in all 50 states. They charge zero initial costs and have interesting plans for payment.

Although it will differ depending on several variables, you might save $130 every six months according to Progressive for being a safe driver.

State Farm

State Farm provides some enticing incentives for healthy drivers and incentive schemes.

State Farm provides an accident-free bonus if you have been covered by State Farm for three years and have not had an incident reported or a “chargeable event”.

This term, “chargeable event” applies to allegations, accidents, or tickets that will raise your premium. That would not include items like parking tickets, but speeding violations, DUI convictions, or lawsuits would affect your premium.


USAA offers one of the most competitive insurance plans for your car. USAA has zero upfront costs and flexible payment plans. USAA provides a five-year accident-free driving discount for drivers.