Wawanesa Insurance Review

Wawanesa Insurance was founded in Canada in 1896, started its operations in Wawanesa, Manitoba as a farmers’ cooperative company.

The company branched out to the United States in 1974. The headquarters of Wawanesa’s US operation is located in San Diego, California.

Wawanesa offers vehicle, tenants, homeowners and condominium insurance, and identity theft services to residents of California and Oregon.

Wawanesa specializes in auto insurance for drivers from California and Oregon who have fairly clear driving records.

Types of Insurance Wawanesa Offers

Wawanesa offers the following insurance types to US customers:

Auto Insurance

Wawanesa Insurance provides coverage for bodily harm and damage to property as well as extensive and crash coverage.

Optional auto coverage includes emergency roadside assistance, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and coverage for uninsured vehicles.

Renters Insurance

The renter’s insurance policy from Wawanesa offers basic coverage of personal property, loss of use, personal responsibility, and medical costs to others. By upgrading coverage, you can expand your coverage of personal property products, earthquake coverage, credit cards, and more.

Homeowners Insurance

Wawanesa has great deals under their homeowner’s policy. The policy covers the cost of repair for your house, even if it reaches your policy limits. The insurer will pay up to 150 percent of the liability cap for depreciation costs.

Specific home insurance coverage includes residential and other buildings, personal properties, loss of use, financial and medical responsibility to others. Including increased limits, scheduled properties, earthquake coverage, credit cards and more can be added as an option.

Condominium Insurance

The condominium policy includes replacement costs on the house, special housing repair coverage, and an inflation guard that will raise your policy limits to meet your home’s current replacement costs.

Identity Theft Services

Wawanesa policyholders have access to identity theft prevention programs and access to a personal representative to handle any identity theft operation. If you’re a victim of identity theft, you’ll get year-long fraud monitoring.

Wawanesa Discounts and Benefits

Wawanesa offers many attractive discounts and benefits:

Good driver

If you’ve been licensed for three years, have no more than one violation on your record, and have not had a DUI incident in the last 10 years, you can score savings on your policy.

Driver training

By completing an approved safety course in Oregon, young drivers can reduce their insurance costs. This is eligible for drivers younger than 21 who complete 30 hours of instruction in the classroom and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training. Behind the wheel experience may also involve 3 driving hours in an accredited driving simulator and 12 hours in it.

Mature driver improvement

Drivers aged 55 and over will be eligible to get a discount on driver safety courses.

Antitheft recovery

If your car is equipped with a vehicle recovery system or anti-theft system, you can avail of a discount.

Previous insurance

Before you sign up with Wawanesa, earn a discount for keeping an auto policy with a previous insurer.


Getting insurance for more than one car, for example, multiple vehicles in your family, you can avail of a multi-car discount.


For flexibility and discounts, combine your house, vehicle, tenants, and other insurance plans.

Autopay and e-statements

By signing up for automated payments and e-statements you can get an easy discount.

A high credit-based insurance score

Get a lower rate with a good insurance score based on credit, which tells insurance providers that you pay bills on time and handle debt well.


US Army veterans current or retired are eligible for a discount.


Reward yourself after you have spent at least one year with Wawanesa.

Pros and Cons


  • Low rates compared to some of its competitors
  • With low rates, they offer a variety of discounts, which further cut the cost
  • Have knowledge of local needs and risks
  • Can file a claim online or on telephone


  • The website not as customer friendly as other insurance companies’
  • Only available to the drivers in California and Oregon
  • You may get denied if you have a bad driving record


Wawanesa Insurance ranks high in financial security and satisfaction with customer service. Overall, when searching for the best deal on an insurance policy, it is a safe choice for California and Oregon residents to consider.

The best auto insurance rates would go to people with good driving histories, so if you don’t have multiple tickets or injuries, you could get a more affordable plan.

The mobile app from Wawanesa lets you make a claim, access insurance proof, and contact roadside assistance.

One factor prospective clients should know is that it is possible that you may not receive an immediate quote from the company’s website for insurance coverage, but will be sent a quote the next day after your information is checked.