What Insurance Companies Offer Roadside Assistance?

Breaking down in your car is the last thing you want to happen on your road trip, so make sure to inspect your vehicle before starting the trip.

But ultimately your car is a machine and anything can go wrong when you are driving long routes. You could get a tire or experience engine failure, and many issues in between.

If your vehicle is covered with a roadside insurance coverage, some of that stress might go away in the event of a roadside emergency.

In this article, we will discuss what coverage roadside assistance insurance provides, which insurance companies offer roadside assistance, and the reasons why you should have a roadside assistance insurance plan. 

What Is Included In Roadside Assistance Insurance

Roadside assistance services mostly operate 24/7. Roadside Assistance coverage is tailored to pay expenses and provide assistance to your broken down car on the roadside.

When your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you can simply call or use the app to contact your insurance provider.

They will assist you with your damaged car so you can continue your journey as planned.

Roadside assistance coverage includes the following services:

Towing Service

If you experience an issue that requires more than what the tow-truck driver can provide, your car will be towed to a garage for repair. In this case, the insurance provider will provide a towing service to take your vehicle to a full-service repairing facility.

Most of the time insurance providers have a limit of how far they will tow your vehicle. You may incur additional charges depending on the distance your car is towed.

Flat Tire

Getting a flat tire during a road trip is the most common type of emergency and I am sure every driver has experienced a flat tire in their life.

Roadside insurance coverage will provide tire changing service no matter where you get stuck with your vehicle.

Jump Start

If your car’s batteries died during a road trip, roadside assistance insurance will provide jump start service.

Be sure to tell your insurance company if your car is an electric vehicle when you call to report your broken down car as electric vehicles may require different needs.

Fuel Delivery

Fuel delivery service is provided to the drivers who run out of fuel during a ride. The technician will arrive with a sufficient amount of fuel enough so that you can drive and reach the next gas station.

Winching Service

Don’t get stuck in the desert or in the mud. Roadside service can get you unstuck and back on the road.

Locked Out

If you locked your car and lost your keys or left them inside the car, you need professional help. Lockout service provides can help you unlock your car.

Who Needs Roadside Assistance Insurance

Here are the reasons when you should get a roadside assistance insurance plan.

  • Going on a road trip: If you’re planning a long road trip with your family or friends, most drivers advise you must have roadside assistance coverage. Breaking down a car in the middle of nowhere can be a nightmare.
  • Have a long commute: If you have a long commute between your work and home you are most likely to experience a breakdown situation at some point. Having roadside assistance coverage can ease your pain.
  • Have an old car: If you own an old car you should have roadside assistance insurance coverage. It’s that simple.
  • Save money : Spending a little more upfront on your insurance can pay dividends in the event of a breakdown.

Best Roadside Assistance Insurance Plans

Almost all major insurance providers offer roadside assistance coverage as an add-on to your existing insurance policy. Here are the best roadside assistance insurance plans offered by some of the biggest insurance companies in the country. All plans include 24/7 roadside assistance, tire change, jump start, lockout service, and towing services.


Geico offers add-on roadside assistance coverage for your vehicle. You can call or use the Geico mobile app to inform them about your situation. The app gains access to your location through GPS and sends the team at your exact location.

State Farm

Similarly, State Farm also provides roadside assistance insurance as an add-on policy.


Allstate is the only insurance provider that offers multiple options for roadside assistance coverage. This includes pay-per-use, a towing and labor coverage rider, and annual memberships.


Progressive’s roadside assistance insurance offers all the basic services. They offer free towing service up to 15 miles.


USAA provides roadside assistance with the partnership with Agero, which is a leading roadside assistance service.

In the end having roadside assistance insurance might make that next road trip go smoothly.