Where To Get Cheap Car Insurance

In this article, we will guide the budget drivers to get the best deal for their car insurance coverage. We will take a look at factors and narrow down our list to a few key car insurance companies for consideration

Factors That Decide The Cost Of Your Auto Insurance

The cost of a car insurance policy is determined by several factors.

Here are some main factors to look for:

  • Marital Status: For married people, the insurance premium costs less since married people often drive safely.
  • Car Type: Car model and brand play a significant role in deciding insurance premium rates.
  • Credit History: Credit history affects your insurance plan tremendously. Good credit history could cut the cost of your insurance. So make sure you and your partner both have a decent credit background before combining the insurance plans.
  • Driving History: If you have a history of speeding tickets or other driving violations, the cost of your insurance can increase.

Tips To Get The Best Car Insurance Deal

  • Car insurance rates can vary widely nationally. When shopping around, you need to do so with a competitor eye to get the best rate you can.
  • Having a good driving record can drastically decrease your insurance premium cost. A safe driver is less likely to be involved in any accidents and that means our risk profile is low, and that results in lower insurance premiums.
  • Most of the car insurance providers offer other insurance services like home insurance, motorcycle insurance, etc. By getting all insurance plans from one provider you can reduce your overall insurance bill.

Best Cheap Insurance Providers


The Progressive Insurance company operates in all 50 states.

Progressive asks for a driving record to analyze your risk. If you have a clean driving record with no traffic violation, you are less risky and you will pay less in your insurance premium.

Progressive provides liability, comprehensive coverage, and collision coverage among other car insurance coverages. You can get a free car insurance quote online or through using their mobile app.


Allstate is a good insurance provider if you’re trying to save those extra bucks because they provide discounts and rewards.

Allstate has multiple insurance plans. They reward the driver for conducting safely in the DriveWise program. For example, you’ll earn 100 reward points after completing 5 trips with controlled driving without hard braking or speeding.

If you exhibit this driving behavior for 3 consecutive days you’re going to earn an extra 100 points. These points are used to buy things like gift cards, offer car rentals, subscriptions to magazines, and much more.

Allstate’s MileWise pay-as-you-go program allows you to prepay insurance fees, and the balance will only be deducted when you get on the wheel.

With its easy-to-use mobile app, the company can analyze your speed and driving performance. The app also helps you manage your insurance plan and claims and connect to their agents with just a click.


Geico is one of the most reputable insurance companies in the USA. Geico offers low prices and discounted rates for their car insurance plans. Drivers can get up to 25% off when they buy multi-car insurance policies.

The Geico app is equipped with the latest features to assist you on your journey with them. The app keeps track of your policy and even assigns a personal assistant to answer your policy questions.

State Farm

State Farm is the largest car insurance company in the United States. They’re providing all kinds of insurance coverages for your personal car.

State Farm offers some attractive discounts and reward programs for married couples, such as discounts for multiple cars and rewards for safe driving. State Farm has an amazing mobile app that monitors your driving performance.


USAA is one of the most affordable insurance companies you can find. USAA offers zero initial costs and flexible payment plans. They provide liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, and collision coverage to protect you from any unfortunate incident.

In addition, the USAA insurance company offers great prices if you or your spouse have served in the army.

You can get a free car insurance quote online or using your mobile app.

Car Insurance Discounts

All of the companies mentioned provide the following car insurance discounts.

Marriage Discount

Usually, insurance companies don’t offer that discount openly. A car owner who is married will pay less in car insurance premiums than when he/she was not married.

Multiple Policy Discount

Many insurance providers offer incredible discounts to those purchasing more than one policy, such as car insurance, home insurance, health insurance, etc.

Multiple Cars Discount

You can obtain a single insurance policy for multiple cars. If you have multiple cars in your house for example cars of parents, children, spouse, you could get discounts of up to 25 percent this way.

Safe Driving Discount

Some insurance providers offer benefits and rewards for safe driving. Drivers who prevent speeding tickets and injuries are given discounts.

Having an ideal insurance policy helps you drive your car hassle-free. By using this information discussed above you can get an insurance plan that can cater to your personalized needs.