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Colorado Car Insurance & Minimum Coverage Amounts

The Centennial State is famous for the Garden of the Gods, Broncos Stadium, and prime 16th Street shopping. They say the grass is greener in Colorado, but without Colorado car insurance, you may not legally be able to see it.

In this guide, we’ll talk about what you need to legally register a vehicle and drive it on Colorado’s beautiful highways.

Colorado Car Insurance Minimum Coverage

Before you register a vehicle in Colorado, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the minimum amounts of insurance required by the state. The state currently requires that your policy cover:

  • Bodily injury liability: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.
  • Property damage: $15,000 in coverage per accident.

That’s it! That’s all Colorado requires. Because the mandatory minimums are so low, you may consider adding additional coverage to your policy. For example, as many drivers drive without insurance coverage, it may be beneficial to add insurance to protect against losses caused by uninsured motorists.

Talk to your insurance agent about the best plan for you-together you can find one that fits both your lifestyle and your budget.

What is the Average Cost of Car Insurance in Colorado?

When you purchase Colorado car insurance, you’ll be paying just about the national average. The average cost of car insurance in the Centennial State is $1,435 per year for full coverage. This is only about .6% more than the average cost in the nation.

As you would with any purchase, be sure to shop around for discounts available to you. These discounts could be through your employer, through an association like AAA or AARP or just for having a safe driving history with no accidents or tickets.

Why is Car Insurance So Expensive in Colorado?

Given that you are only responsible for bodily injury and property damage insurance, the cost of your premiums in Colorado may surprise you. So, why are those premiums so high in the state of Colorado?

Colorado has many densely populated areas, such as Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Glendale. There’s more traffic and crime in these areas than in other parts of the state, so this brings the state’s average premiums up. In short, the more the insurers pay out, the more you’ll pay them.

Furthermore, Colorado is an at-fault state. That means the insurance company of the person who caused an accident is required to pay. This can drive up the cost of your monthly or annual premiums.

Lapses in Colorado Car Insurance

If you’re stopped by law enforcement in Colorado and are found to have no proof of insurance, you could face some serious fines and legal trouble. You’ll be cited with a class 1 traffic misdemeanor, which means you’ll have a minimum mandatory fine of at least $500.

In addition, your driver’s license and registration may be suspended until you can prove to the state that you have the required insurance. Subsequent violations will lead to higher fines and your license may be suspended for as long as eight months!

Best Auto Insurance in Colorado

Searching for the best Colorado car insurance? Colorado drivers have the answer! According to polls, the best insurers in the Centennial state are:

  • Allstate
  • American Family
  • Progressive
  • State Farm

No two drivers are alike, and these options may not work with you. They are, however, historically the cheapest insurers in Colorado and drivers say they offer the best service and coverage.

Be sure you shop around for a policy that’s right for you. Don’t forget to ask about discounts through your bank, employer, or organizations you belong to.

Driving in Colorado

Are you ready to head to Colorado, but want a few fun facts about driving in Colorado? You may find these interesting.

  • If you have more than 25 vehicles registered in your name, you may choose to self-insure in Colorado.
  • Pulled by the police in Boulder? It’s legal to insult and taunt the police until they tell you to stop. (But we don’t recommend it.)
  • It’s illegal to purchase a car on Sunday in Colorado. However, accessories like tires and oil filters are perfectly legal.
  • Colfax Avenue in Denver is America’s longest continuous street-it’s over 26 miles long.

Conclusion: Colorado Car Insurance

Colorado is a gorgeous state with plenty to explore. From history and wildlife to Big Foot Crossing signs and nightlife, you’ll always find something to do. Make sure your insurance coverage is up to date and meets the minimums so as to avoid fines and possible suspension of your license in Colorado.