Best Low-Mileage Car Insurance Discounts

One of the best ways to save money on your car insurance is to opt for a mileage-based program or a low-mileage discount. If your car spends more time on the driveway than the road, you could save on your insurance premiums.

What Is The National Annual Mileage?

On average, Americans drive between 13,000 and 14,000 miles a year, with approximately 60% of that tied to their commute. If you cover the same or more miles, you likely won’t qualify for a low-mileage discount. If you drive significantly less, there are discounts available, but they are far from substantial.

The average cost of full coverage car insurance is around $1,400 to $1,500. Based on this figure, someone who drives less than 7,500 miles can expect to save between $50 and $100 compared to someone who drives more than 15,000 miles.

However, these rates are affected by several factors, including your driving history, location, car insurance company, and age. Drivers in California, for instance, can save much more than drivers in New Jersey, while USAA and State Farm policyholders may pay less than Allstate customers.

The Best Telematics Programs

If the aforementioned savings don’t grab your attention, you should consider a telematics program. Your car insurer will install a device in your car and use this to track your mileage, driving habits, and more. The data gathered via this device can be used to determine your auto insurance rates. If you drive safely and infrequently, you could make some big savings.

Progressive Snapshot

The Snapshot program could save you up to $100 over the course of a year, assuming you drive safely. It tracks everything from braking habits to the time of day that you drive and offers a lower rate for safe drivers.

Nationwide SmartRide

As a member of the Nationwide SmartRide program, you will benefit from an initial 10% discount. A telematics device will then track your driving behavior before being used to determine your rates the following year.

If you drive safely, infrequently, and don’t make any claims, you could save up to 40% on your premiums, making SmartRide one of the best low mileage car insurance programs in the United States.

Geico DriveEasy

The DriveEasy app works through your phone and checks your speed, braking habits, and how much you use your phone when driving. It’s a major factor in determining risk, as countless accidents are the result of distracted driving.

Esurance DriveSense

DriveSense users can save up to 10% through this Esurance program. It tracks driving behavior, including braking and speed.


With Noblr, your rate is split between your driving habits and the usual factors, including your age, driving history, car safety devices, and more.

Liberty Mutual RightTrack

The RightTrack program offers discounts of up to 30%. A device will be installed in your car at least 30 days before the commencement of your next car insurance policy. It checks your braking, speed, mileage, and the time of day that you drive, and it uses all of these metrics to determine your risk.

Allstate Drivewise And Milewise

Drivewise gives all policyholders an initial 3% cashback and lets them track their driving habits via an app. It will monitor your speed, braking, and other key factors. There is also something known as Milewise, a pay as you drive program available in a handful of states, including Arizona, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, and West Virginia.

State Farm Drive Safe And Save

State Farm is a good option for low-mileage drivers and offers savings of up to 50% for safe drivers covering a low number of miles throughout the year. Mileage is factored heavily into the equation, making this a great option for low-mileage drivers.

Pay Per Mile Car Insurance

Pay per mile insurance is ideal for low-mileage drivers. It offers full coverage for a monthly base rate and charges extra for every mile over the limit.

Metromile Telematics

​One of the better-known pay per mile companies, Metromile connects a device to your car and lets you track your miles and billing via your smartphone.

Root Car Insurance

Root Car is a car insurance company that prides itself on prices based on your driving and not your demographic. If you’re a young driver or in a high-risk category, and you don’t cover many miles, it could be a good option.

Mile Auto

With Mile Auto, you send the company a picture of your odometer to determine how many miles you have covered over the previous month. It’s a non-intrusive low-mileage program made for drivers who don’t have a commute and spend very little time on the road.

Nationwide SmartMiles

SmartMiles is a good option for drivers who only use their cars occasionally. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on car insurance coverage if your vehicle spends most of its time in the garage.