Car Insurance Discounts For Police Officers

If you work in law enforcement, you may be offered slightly cheaper car insurance when compared to the general public. The discounts aren’t substantial, but there are a few ways you can bring those costs down even further.

In this guide, we’ll look at some of the best car insurance options for applicants in law enforcement, including discounts and Fallen Officer coverage.

How To Get Cheap Car Insurance

Auto insurance companies consider many factors when determining your rates. One of these is your profession. Everything from the length of your commute to the time you drive and how often you travel will determine how much you pay.

Law enforcement is a high-risk profession, but their cars rarely come into this and they tend to be safer and more responsible drivers.

If a police officer gets a DUI or multiple speeding convictions, their career is pretty much over. Not only that, but they see the consequences of drunk driving and speeding every day and are more likely to avoid such infractions.

All things considered, law enforcement officers can save up to 5% on their insurance when going through major national providers like Geico, State Farm, Allstate, and Farmers.

Some local car insurance providers go the extra mile for law enforcement members. For instance, California Casualty has something known as Fallen Officer coverage. If you die in the line of duty, your surviving spouse will have their premiums covered for the rest of the year and the entirety of the following year.

Car Insurance Discounts For Law Enforcement

There are no specific discounts for law enforcement. Simply being a police officer isn’t enough to secure any sizable savings on your car insurance premiums. However, members of law enforcement are afforded the same options and general discounts as everyone else.

Taking a defensive driving course, joining a specific organization, and driving a safe car will reduce your premiums, as will maintaining a good record, going paperless, paying upfront and in some cases, completing your application online.

Summary: Car Insurance For Police Officers

It’s fair to say that it’s not easy being a police officer, but despite the high-risk and the relatively low salary, they can get some reprieve on their car insurance.

Of course, your profession is just one of the many things factored into the equation. You also need to think about car insurance discounts, including those offered for safe driving, safety/anti-theft features, and defensive driving courses.

It’s equally important to shop around, compare quotes from many different providers, and consider your options with regards to liability coverage, optional extras, and deductibles.