Car Insurance Discounts For Teachers

Educators in the United States are often underpaid, under-appreciated, and overworked. It’s true of many individuals who work in the public sector. They face a series of unique challenges that make it difficult to find suitable coverage for their home, car, and health.

Luckily, many insurers are willing to help, offering discounts and coverage options specific to the needs of educators across the country. What follows is a list of car insurance companies and discounts that can help educators to save big.

Insurers Offering Discounts For Teachers

Many insurance companies offer education-based discounts. These may be dependent on your state, experience, and whether or not you’re a member of certain organizations. Speak with your insurance agent or check the insurer’s website for more information on the following discounts:

  • Alfa: Although Alfa is only available in three states (Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi), it offers a slew of discounts for car, home, and life insurance customers.
  • California Casualty: As an educator, you can benefit from a $0 deductible, windshield repairs, personal property coverage, roadside assistance, and other benefits created with educators in mind.
  • Farmers Insurance: Offers discounts for home and car insurance. This may even apply if you have retired and you are/were in a different occupation, including the military and healthcare sectors.
  • Geico: Students and educators can save with Geico. Over 250 organizations have partnered with Geico and members of these organizations can save on their premiums. Some of the education-related organizations include the Association of Teacher Educators, the American Library Association, and staff members at over 400 colleges.
  • Horace Mann: Horace Mann has developed several programs with educators in mind, offering discounts, resources, and more.
  • Liberty Mutual: Some of the benefits offered to teachers include personal property coverage, which pays out when school or educator-owned property is stolen, and vandalism protection, for when a vehicle is vandalized on school property.
  • Met Life: Members of the American Federation of Teachers can save up to 10% on their auto insurance premiums.
  • Union Plus Auto Insurance: As a member of the National Education Association, you could save hundreds of dollars on your car insurance. Savings are also offered to members of the American Federation of Teachers.

Other Ways That Teachers Can Save On Car Insurance

Educational discounts don’t end with your insurance company and associated organizations. There are other ways to bring those costly premiums down, including:

Alternative Coverage

Your auto insurance company can cover you when you’re driving rental cars and carrying around expensive personal property, but if these coverage options are too expensive, you may have alternatives.

For instance, most credit card companies will cover you for rental car theft and damage if you use your credit card to reserve and book the car. As for personal property, it may be covered by your home insurance. Most home insurance policies cover you for partial off-premises loss, including items that are stolen from your person, garden, and anywhere else outside of your home.

Drive Safely

Safe drivers with clean records could save hundreds on their insurance premiums. Anything from a speeding ticket to a DUI will cause your premiums to rise sharply, and it could take years to bring those rates back down.

To prove you’re a safe and responsible driver, take a defensive driving course. Most insurers offer discounts between 5 and 20% for these courses, with the actual rate dependent on the company and your state.

Bundling Discounts

If you have more than one car, add all of them to the same policy. Additionally, if you need home insurance or renters insurance too, get it from the same provider. These “bundling” discounts could shave up to 25% off the price of their combined policies.

Payment Discounts

Insurance companies encourage policyholders to go paperless or select autopay, offering small discounts when they do. You could also save by applying online. All of these things are easy to implement and don’t really affect you either way, yet they could save you tens of dollars on your premiums.

To save even more, offer to pay for your premiums upfront. You won’t have to worry about meeting any monthly payments and could net a minor discount in the process.

Car Discounts

Airbags are standard on all new cars and have been for some time, but insurers still offer discounts when they are installed. If you’re driving an older car without functioning airbags, you could be paying up to 25% more for car insurance.

Discounts are also offered for cars with anti-lock brakes, anti-theft systems, and daytime running lights. These discounts are often added to the personal injury protection (PIP) and medical payments sections of your car insurance.

Shop for a Good Car Insurance Rate

Last but not least, always compare and contrast when you’re shopping for car insurance. Give them your details, see what discounts they offer you, and compare those quotes to other insurers in your area. Include local and national companies in your search and don’t feel like you need to go with the first one that offers you a decent price.