Car Insurance Discounts For Veterans

Most insurance companies offer policies tailored to meet the needs of active military personnel and veterans. With a little comparison shopping and the right coverage options, veterans can make substantial savings on their auto insurance policies, and it’s those discounts and options that we’ll discuss in this guide.

The Best Car Insurance For Veterans

Many insurers offer cheaper rates for veterans and their families. Some have created military-only programs with specific coverage options and reduced costs, providing a complete package. Others just offer a discount.

It’s worth noting, however, that these discounts won’t necessarily offset a bad driving record. If you accumulate lots of infractions and make several claims, you can expect some pretty steep rates that even a military discount won’t improve very much, if at all.

Some of the best insurance companies for military members include:

The United States Automobile Association (USAA)

The USAA consistently ranks as one of the cheapest car insurance companies in the United States. It has incredibly cheap base rates and also offers programs specifically tailored to veterans and active personnel. In addition, USAA is available to adult children, spouses, former spouses, and widows of previous USAA members.

USAA claims that members can save over $700 a year when they switch, although it all depends on your location, driving record, and a few other key factors.


Once you remove USAA from the equation, Geico is one of the cheapest car insurance companies in the country. That’s not true for all states and demographics, but it occupies the top spot more than any of its competitors.

Veterans can save up to 15% through Geico, and it also offers sizable discounts for bundling home insurance and car insurance.

Armed Forces Insurance

Like USAA, Armed Forces Insurance is a military-only insurance company available to veterans and active-duty personnel. Generally, it’s not as cheap or as comprehensive and its financial rating isn’t as high, but it’s worth considering, nonetheless.

The General

Active service members based in Louisiana can save big with The General. One of the biggest benefits of this insurer is that it embraces customers with poor credit scores and terrible driving records.

What About Active Personnel?

You don’t need to be a veteran to qualify for car insurance discounts. Active service members can also save.

If you have been deployed, consider car storage insurance. It removes liability coverage and collision coverage from your policy and leaves you with a comprehensive-only policy. This means that you will be covered for vandalism and theft, but not for at-fault accidents or collisions.

It could knock up to 90% off your premiums, and because you still have cover, you don’t need to worry about a lapse. It also means that if your car is stolen or vandalized while in storage, you’ll be covered for most of the costs.

You’ll also be covered if the car is damaged by fire, natural disasters, high winds, falling trees, and more.

Requirements for storage insurance differs from state to state. You may need to take additional steps concerning your registration and could also be offered extra features and coverage by your insurer. Speak with a local insurance agent or check your chosen insurer’s website for more information.

The average price of car storage insurance varies from around $80 to $300, with Maine being one of the cheapest states and North and South Dakota being two of the most expensive.

Alternatively, take a look at low-mileage car insurance or pay per mile car insurance. Both are mileage-based, which means if you drive less or not at all, your premiums will plummet.